First Time Buyers

Purchasing a home is an exciting time. It can also be overwhelming as you go through the process of seeing a variety of homes, weighing pros and cons to narrow it down to the right one, putting in offers, and negotiating a good contract with good clauses, and getting the accepted contracts to the right people.

A real estate professional can ease the difficulty surrounding this process. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make, as well as most likely one of the most expensive purchases. A trusted real estate professional can put your mind at ease by dealing with the search for homes, the mountains of paperwork involved, the negotiations on your behalf, as well as having knowledge of all the areas of concern that you may not have considered yourself. And once they have it all on paper, they take care of getting the documents to all of the right people.

Dave enjoys the process of helping his clients find the right home. He provides his clients with a search for homes that meet their desired criteria to be sent directly to their inbox. He handles all the arrangements for requesting showings of each home that is of interest to them, and gladly walks them through each one, giving them the time they need to look and discuss as well as helping them recognize potential in homes, and identify red flags. He doesn’t just want to make a quick sale. He wants his clients in the right home for them and is willing to put the time in to make that happen. He also directs his clients to recommended home inspectors, lawyers and other contractors that may be required.

All of these things work together to build a relationship of trust between Dave and his clients and hopefully make the home buying process as enjoyable and successful as possible for the buyer.