There are two ways that people generally use to obtain a mortgage in Canada. You can choose to go through your bank or you can use a licensed mortgage professional.

Banks are only able to offer from within their own institution, limiting the products available. For some, their bank is the right choice, but the people at the bank work for the bank.

Mortgage professionals send millions of dollars each year to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. The client is provided with more selection in mortgage products, ensuring that they receive the best possible rate and product available to them.

If you’re looking to purchase a home for the first time or your current mortgage is up for renewal, it’s important to make a knowledgeable decision alongside of an unbiased mortgage professional whose job is to find you the best possible rate and have your best interest in mind.

Amanda has been working as a licensed mortgage professional since 2008. As a mortgage agent, she is able to work with the benefit of the client in mind. She is passionate about helping clients throughout the process of obtaining the best mortgage product available.

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