A full-service boutique real estate team that embodies honesty and integrity in business and in life, seeking to educate and equip clients to make the best financial, personal and lifestyle choices possible. We strive to make each client’s interaction so positive that they can’t help sharing their experiences.


Win-Win: Or No Deal
Integrity: Do The Right Thing
Customers:  Always Come First
Commitment:  In All Things
Communication:  Seek First To Understand
Creativity:  Ideas Before Results
Teamwork:Together Everyone Achieves More
Trust:  Starts With Honesty
Success:  Results Through People


Our mission is to be the leading boutique real estate service by providing exceptional client-focused service through every facet of the real estate experience. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are at our very foundation; we aim to walk alongside our clients today and for generations to come.


We seek to live a life that puts God first, family second, and business third. Our careers are in place so that we can enjoy the life we have been given, not so that we can squeeze life into what’s left over. We strive to help our clients find a home that gives them margin to live this way as well. 


To create a world where honesty and integrity are synonymous with real estate by providing unparalleled customer service in every aspect of our business. 

Dave Walker

Owner/Sales Representative

Amanda Walker

Owner/Mortgage Agent

Areas of focus: Mortgages, Refinancing, Staging and Marketing

Jenn Bailey

Buyer's Representative

Alicia Mason

Executive Administrator

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